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Audi Barbosa Makeup Artist

I am a South Florida-based, Licensed Esthetician and certified makeup artist with many years of experience in the beauty and skin industry. I have always loved the art industry. I obtained my degrees in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Micro-needling and derma-planning. While attending school, my love for skin types began to blossom, I started to help Women obtain the right makeup for their skin type. I started to help Photographers with their fashion and glamour shoots. I’m currently working out of my makeup studio in North Palm Beach.

Makeup artistry is my absolute passion, and I love what I do. I enjoy creating long-term relationships with my clients and spending time to choose the correct makeup for their skin. Some fun facts about me, I am married to Bill Barbosa from Bill Barbosa photography a commercial and Branding photographer, I am a Leo and very much so (super organized and a perfectionist— I can’t help it! ;D).

I’m 1st generation Cuban-American. I have a Frenchie named Sophie. I love hot chocolate. I’m actively learning Eye lash extensions and I love a good comfortable sisterhood gathering. 

“The secret to beauty is simple-Be Who You Are.”  Bobbi Brown

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