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Did you know that people remember 80 percent of what they see , and just 20 percent of what they read? The power of an image is hard to ignore, and if you're not including great images of your products then you could be losing out on some serious sales.

The truth is, the better your stuff looks, the more you will sell. 

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Product Photography

We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us - Ralph Hattersly

From product photography for websites, catalogs, and promotional pieces to portfolio images for commercial real estate, home builders, and remodeling, we have the talent and vision to provide you with images that will best represent your business to potential clients. All of our commercial projects include all images fully finished as high-resolution files with shared copyright release for you to use at your discretion.

Product Photography

It’s no secret that great product photography increases sales and lends professionalism and credibility to products and to the people selling them. Bill Barbosa Photography’s goal, as your product photographer, is to make your products look their absolute best. The results are beautiful clean, crisp images that show your products in their best light. Great product photography will increases sales. In fact, the right photograph can make the sale for you.


So you’ve just imported hundreds or thousands of a particular widget from China. Congratulations! Now one of the first things you need to do is include amazing photographs and other media for your products.

Great product photographs won’t just help you sell more products, it will also help you get higher prices for your products. I’ve watched our products consistently outsell our competitors, who source the exact same products from the exact same factories, simply because we have a few better pictures.

If you’re selling your products online, which many of you are, photos are one of the single most important things for selling your product. Here are some general tips for product photos that we’ll discuss in more detail below:

  • Only include amazing photographs: favor quality over quantity
  • Have at least one display photographs on a plain white background
  • Consider including high-quality action/on-location shots in addition to a display photograph
  • Be leery of using Supplier supplied photographs
  • Show all parts and accessories that are included


To accommodate the needs of our clients, we have developed the following pricing packages:

  • Creation Fee for white background in Studio is $395
  • Creation Fee for Creative or designed background, in Studio, is $695
  • On-location starting at $695*
  • Pricing per photo starting at $75 to as low as $59 each

*Client concept and design set not included, discuss with studio your vision.

Pricing for product photography packages is for images photographed individually against a white background and available for approval within 4 to 7 business days.

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About Bill

Bill Barbosa, a Certified Professional Photographer in the business for over 19 years, with a customized boutique studio in Jupiter Fl, specializes in Beauty, Branding, and Family Portraiture. He is an award-winning photographer, having been honored with numerous accolades for his art.

Bill has been honored to receive the Florida Degree of Professional Excellence in 2019, this is the highest honor that a Professional photographer can receive by the State organization. Florida Professional Conference held in Orlando Florida, Bill has been awarded many accolades for his artistic work, including Florida Educational Degree and The Florida Service Award, Craftsman's degree from the Professional Photographers of America and he is a Certified Photographer.

Bill continues to educate photographers as a speaker throughout the state of Florida, teaching about the principles of business of photography. He also enjoys giving back his time and talent to local charities and organizations in his community.

Bill believes it is very important for professionals in any industry to work together, learn from each other, and help those new entering our industry by mentoring them.

Bill Barbosa, Cr.Photog.,CPP,FDPE,FED,FSA

561-704-4200 Direct. 561-242-2455 Office
  • Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)
  • Photographic Craftsman (Cr.Photog.)
  • Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence (FDPE)
  • Member of the American Society of Photographers ASP 
  • CPP 2014-2022 Liaison


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